Global Warming

Our collective narrative
At critical mass now
An urgent call to action
Our very survival depends on it
What ancestral forests will remain
For our children and next generations 
of our children
Replenish, renew or perish...

-Susan Pelteson-

Call For Art, OneEarth/OneChance

Artist entry deadline January 10, 2020

Submit Work Here.

Sandrine Arons

Temme Barkin-Leeds

Rose M Barron

Vicki Bethel

Vee Brown

Virginia Carr


Lucy Hale

Maxine Hess Marjorie Jordan Kottavei Callahan McDonough
Katherine Mitchell Jeni Moncayo Margie Osheroff Susan Pelteson Flora Rosefsky Ashley L. Schick
Richard Stone Arthur Thayer        


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