Human Trafficking

"It ought to concern every person, because it is a debasement of our common humanity.  It ought to concern every community, because it tears at our social fabric.  It ought to concern every business, because it distorts markets.  It ought to concern every nation, because it endangers public health and fuels violence and organized crime.  I’m talking about the injustice, the outrage, of human trafficking, which must be called by its true name -- modern slavery."

 - President Barack Obama in remarks to the Clinton Global Initiative in 2012


Sandrine Monique Arons

Yun Bai

Rita Bazinet

Maxim Beeching

Jenny Bell

Maggie Benoit

Vicki Bethel

Firoozeh Bowden

Margee Bright-Ragland

Claire Chambless

Emily Clanton

Elyse Defoor

Paulette De Lucia

Helen DeRamus

Faith Dickey

Don Dougan

Joe Dreher

Amandine Drouet

Claire Lewis Evans

Emily Getsay

Judith Giauque-Yahna

Jes Gordon

Lynne Eve Grossman

Heida Halldors

Lucy Hale

Beverly Harding

Trisha Hautea

Julie Nellenback Henry

Maxine Hess

Maxine Hess Video

Roxane Hollosi

Grace Kisa

Judy Morris Lampert

Sarah Landrum

Chris Lewis

Stephanie Lloyd

Teresa Libbey

Vickie Martin

Bonnie MacAllister

Jacque McDonald

Callahan McDonough

Kathy Meliopoulos

Nicole Merkens

Tracy Murrell

Brenda Oelbaum

Loretta Paraguassu

Victoria Pendragon

Deborah Powell

Marlene Puca

Cherie Redlinger

Flora Rosefsky

Ann Rowles

Sara Schindel

Ruth Schowalter

Jessica Shirley

Kolbrun Sigurdardottir

Lisa Streib

Arthur Douglas Thayer

Hellenne Vermillion

Mona Waterhouse

Patty Weisman

Guest Artist, Molly Gochman

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