Maxine Hess "A Safe Place to Hide"


Art is my way of communicating about my reaction to the times I live in. I juxtapose materials like fabric and stitching traditionally associated with the feminine and manipulate them to produce sometimes jarring, sometimes disturbing and confrontational images.These three pieces are my way of addressing the growing “business” of human trafficking in the hopes that viewers will become more aware of its horrors and be motivated to take action to help eliminate it. A recently reported statistic states, “Nearly 2 million children are exploited in the commercial sex trade.” Sex trafficking is only one component of human trafficking. All of these children are under the age of 18. None of them have willingly consented to what they are being subjected to. Many were kidnapped, stolen away from their parents, and some were duped into thinking they were going to a better place.I believe that art can make a difference.

WCA Georgia Chapter

A Binder of Women - A Film by Maxine Hess

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Maxine Hess
"A Safe Place to Hide"
mixed media collage, fabric, stitching, paper, paint
16.16” x 20.75”

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