Book Club

NEXT BOOK CLUB  SUNDAY, January 8, 2017. 3:30P

To kick off the new year, we decided to meet in January and watch a movie pertaining to art, maybe a documentary or something. If you have something to suggest, let me know!!!!!  We will also pick the books for 2017! 

One possibility for viewing is Simon Schama's Power of Art (one of my personal favorites). I will have that in reserve in case no one else offers anything up.
Sunday January 8, 2017   3:30P

contact to find out where.

RSVP (It’s helpful, but not essential.)


The book club will meet the second Sunday of each ODD MONTH.

The last meeting of the year will be November 11, book TBD. Anybody up for an art video possibly? Just an idea!

WCAGA Reading Group

It’s a very informal format.
We have art-related reading material and then meet to discuss what we read.
Everyone is welcome to come to the discussion meeting
(even if you don’t get time to read the material first.).
The reading material is a jumping off place for the discussion.
Bringing something tasty to nibble on or drink is always nice, but not required.

Vickie Martin Conison

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