Book Club

Next Meeting:

SUNDAY 11/12 3PM

Because our schedule was shifted a month by a pesky hurricane, we decided at the last meeting to get back on track with meeting the 2nd Sunday of each month. Because this doesn't give us the usual two months to read the book, we decided to do something equally as entertaining.

We are going to view an art movie or documentary at that time and then discuss it. Everybody that attends is encouraged to bring a DVD of something that appeals to them and we will vote on it at that time. (The library has a very good selection of documentaries.)

We will even have popcorn!

It will be held at Sara Hendrix's home (her television is much larger than mine). I will send out the address closer to the date!

We will also discuss upcoming books for 2018. We already have a book chosen for January - The Man with a Blue Scarf, On Sitting for a Portrait with Lucien Freud by Martin Gayford.

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