Lynne Eve Grossman "Dislocated Despair"


Lynne Eve Grossman paints the music in her soul. That driving inner rhythm expresses itself in her multi-talented artistic passions to ColourYourWorld™. In addition to commissions and pleasurable art, Lynne's creations are specifically for social justice issues. In some of her pieces, that music is uplifting or soothing. Other times, she is propelled by hope or somberness. Lynne is a strong human rights activist. Then her art takes on different tones, surging from deep inside of her, so close to her heart that she cries while creating. Those tears are for abuse of any type, animal, domestic, sexual slavery, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), LGBTQIA rights, reproductive rights, and atrocities such as human trafficking, past and present.

WCA Georgia Chapter


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Lynne Eve Grossman
"Dislocated Despair"
Giclée of pastel painting
16 1/8”x10"

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