Maggie Benoit "Ubergang/Transition[s]"


Übergang / transition[s]
Übergang is the German word for “transition.” The piece speaks to trauma & how intensity of emotion can take over the internal body & brain. On a physiological level we log the data that emotion imprints. The process of healing must be a holistic transition of body, mind & soul. Throughout the piece, subtle scales of gradient light will amplify the spectra of new neural pathways in the brain, negative to positive. These progressions of light will work to punctuate the external movement dialogue within the group which informs the emotional body through mechanisms of posture, expression, touch & togetherness. Übergang speaks greatly to the capacity of the body to re-wire learned systems, and thus the capacity for healing. 


WCA Georgia Chapter

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Through one another we are able to see our true selves.
This reinforcement brings reward; a place of peace discovered.
The piece is an exorcism, a rite, a catharsis; ultimately, a claiming of joy & power.

This is an ensemble piece led by Maggie Benoit with movement engineering by Mary-Jane Pennington.
Ensemble includes: Max Beeching, Jonathan Lowe, Theodore McLee, Eve Nettles, Awilda Rivera & Jolynn Sockwell. Projection & light engineering by Matt Evans.
Music composition by Powerkompany.
Sculpture collaboration by Maggie Benoit & Eve Nettles; woodworking Jon Lowe.

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