Deborah Powell "Stop Human Trafficking"


I am passionate about painting and issues as they relate to injustice against humankind. "Stop Human Trafficking" is the beginning of a series of works addressing inhumanity. "Stop" is in red, big, and bold meant to grab attention. "Human" is raised and protected by a plastic cover symbolizing the preciousness of life and the importance of protecting it. The focal point is the letter "M" showing the soulful eyes of a child staring back as if asking to be helped. "Trafficking" is highlighted to bring attention to the reality of the issue. The overall use of dark colors and rough texture depicts the mood of modern day slavery with the rope symbolizing bondage and restraint.

WCA Georgia Chapter


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Deborah Powell

"Stop Human Trafficking"
acrylic on canvas/ rope/plastic/metal/paper
36" X 36" X 2"

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