Sara Schindel "Ebola"


My work is about current issues: health, human social condition, ecology, political strife and the inextricable ways these things are connected. I utilize the power of objects to become metaphors for the ideas, concepts, and stories to create introspective pieces connecting this wide range of personal passions. I translate my responses: thoughts, emotions, sensations, and memories into a narrative. The formal and the conceptual are intertwined in such a way that the materials and the forms they create, formulate the conceptual and experiential aspects of the work. Line, spacial relationships, design, and the physicality of materials endlessly captivate me. The work creates a narrative as much as a space to pause and observe. Through these accumulations of discrete ideas, I endeavor to create something larger, more ambiguous, more paradoxical, than their constituent parts.

WCA Georgia Chapter

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Sara Schindel


frame, dolls, toy bears, paper mache deer, artificial greenery, lights, acrylics
35" x 43" x 8"

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