Arthur Douglas Thayer "Serpent 1"


Not a block from home, in my solidly middle class neighborhood here in Atlanta, an Asian sex trafficker set up shop several years ago. No action during the day, but at night, that was different. Luxury cars came and went constantly from there in the middle of the night. Late one afternoon, I saw two tall muscular men rushing into the house, holding a young woman so tightly between them that her feet didn't touch the ground. I found out later, the routine was to kidnap women from small villages, hold the woman's children hostage and threaten to kill them unless the woman came to Atlanta as a prostitute. I am still haunted years by the look of fear and desperation in that poor young woman's eyes.
We were told by the police that it may take years to shut that business down. I asked the policeman how long would it take if that young woman were his daughter. It was shut down several months later. But once this one shut down, the traffickers just set up another one in another neighborhood. The misery and oppression goes on.

WCA Georgia Chapter


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Arthur Douglas Thayer
"Serpent 1"
manipulated fiber
5" x 1"

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