Kathy Meliopoulos "Cash Cows"


I didn’t know anything about human sex trafficking other than that it existed. I was intrigued by the proposal for the Dolls in the City exhibit and read the recommended books and articles. Needless to say, I was horrified and outraged afterwards.In both of my pieces I wanted to juxtapose the innocence of young girls represented by paper dolls, with the harsh reality of their exploitation for monetary gain and enslavement. Cash Cow” shows young girls represented by paper dolls wearing modest underwear appropriate for girls their age. However, the clothes depicted are of a mature and sexual nature. Paper dolls made of cash float in between, the cows along the bottom border symbolize exploitation, and the dollar bill coming out of the vagina further emphasizes the “bottom line.” This piece is confrontational and puts a very harsh light on the business of sex trafficking.

WCA Georgia Chapter


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Kathy Meliopoulos
"Cash Cows"
collage on paper
22” x 26”Custom framed)

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