Ann Rowles --- " At Last a Vest For John"


We would like to believe that this is a practice from the distant past, or some far away unenlightened culture. It hurts when we realize it is here and now, all around us. The dirty truth that the exploitation of others, whether for sex or cheap labor, is rationalized by financial profit, indicts us all. My work was more explicit at the beginning of my career. The work I intended to show, "At Last a Vest for John" from 1983 used the spread-eagled body parts of Barbie-like dolls to infer the objectification of women in our society. The more recent piece "Complications" (2009) is abstract and can be installed in multiple configurations. The peach and beige coloring and the soft fibers suggest bodies which can be stretched and otherwise distorted at the whims of the marketplace.

WCA Georgia Chapter

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Ann Rowles
 "At last a vest for John"
Vinyl fabric,rubber, plastic doll parts, zipper
Collection of Virgina Tyler, Durham, NC

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