Roxane Hollosi - Phoenix


I am a Visual Documentarian of complex energies and issues living in and around us. My work honors the beauty of our Nature, internal and external. This Nature is getting pushed to a breaking point. Debate on the reality of climate change, the worlds plastic plague, and mass extinction, are an overbearing concern. My work advocates for “taking a look beyond your own truth”. In this current fog of misinformation, I want to nudge others to see something; investigate something; be curious about something, in the pursuit of an informed opinion. I do this by creating layered, textural, colorful works, with rhythmic imagery that encourages a curious investigation by the audience. I transform maps, discarded plastics, and use images of the critically endangered, to give a visual voice to the climate debate. My mixed media pieces alter the visual context of everyday materials and create a curiosity factor for the viewer. Curiosity opens the viewer up to a moment of visual discovery and, in that moment, a preconceived point of view can be modified.

Member of WCA Georgia Chapter

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Roxane Hollosi

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