Marjorie Jordan - Earth Vigil #1


Nature is the subject of my deepest love and concern. I count myself among the artists working for global social justice. I am most concerned about saving our planet from the ravages of climate change. I am working to influence our human outlook away from a sense of entitlement, toward a sense of humility, awe and wonder with regard to the natural world.  I believe our course toward a global warming catastrophe and our undiminished use and consumption of the planet’s limited resources can only be altered if we have a fundamental change in perspective. My images are meant to cast light on the everyday miracles of Nature perpetually unfolding right before our eyes, often unnoticed and our need to preserve all life on this planet for future generations. .

Member of WCA Georgia Chapter

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Marjorie Jordan
"Earth Vigil #1"
31” x 37”
Fine Art Print on Canvas

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