Kris Hill - The Birds Are Smaller


Baby its hot outside.  Although we humans manage to get by each day, change is happening on our planet quite rapidly which is becoming more and more noticeable. Larger and more destructive storms, more hot days, more flooding and changes in animal behavior.  The three works selected for this juried call each bring attention to our changing planet, water, flora and fauna.  Each of the selected works has an element of reuse, found, vintage, recycled or upcycled.     The piece titled, “The Birds are Smaller”, is my expression of an article from the NewYork Times about the shrinking in size of birds due to an increase in the number of hot days each year.  Birds bones are getting smaller and smaller each year to combat the stress of heat.     “One Last Bee’, encourages the viewer to think about mono crops, glyphosate use, GMO seeds and the crops they yield.  Pollinators are on the decline and we need them to support food production.      The third work titled, “Stitching the Universe Together”, is a mixed media piece speaking of just that….. who will stitch our world back together again?  How did it even happen in the first place?  The all knowing Tigers eye is a common idea in Eastern myth, lore and culture symbolizing royalty, anger, good luck, strength, vitality and prowess.  With the diminishing habitat and prey, tigers are struggling for survival.   .

Member of WCA Georgia Chapter

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Kris Hill
"The Birds Are Smaller
Gesso, Acrylic and ink on recycled painting
17.5” x 23.5” 

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