Molly Cusick - What Glacier?


In the end of 2017, a massive fire swept through my community in Santa Barbara burning down the house I was living in and shortly after, the devastating mudslides killed 20 people in the same area.   The effects of climate change are blatantly intensifying and speeding up all around us.  These events prompted me to embark on a photo journey with trees around the world I had thought about but hadn’t yet made a priority.   Over the past two years, I traveled around the US and Mexico working on my project "The Tree Pilgrimage",  photographing and receiving wisdom from the trees and have witnessed first hand the rapid changes occurring.   This past summer I hiked through Glacier National Park in hopes of catching a glimpse of the disappearing glaciers before they were completely gone.  When I saw a picture from the 1930s of the glacier I visited in July and what it currently looks like, I was shocked.  Massive walls of ice are replaced with a small pond and some barely covered ground.   Humanity has a responsibility to make widespread changes or this planet will soon be uninhabitable for most life forms.  

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Molly Cusick
"What Glacier?"
Photograph on Metal
16' x 20'

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