Flora Rosefsky - Acronym for Change


My research on Global Warming uncovered hundreds of acronyms—initials standing for words, research projects, or institutions all working to better understand the changes happening around the world, where ocean temperatures are warming way too fast. The cascade of paper cutout letters on white card stock covered with blue liquid watercolor reemphasizes the climate change challenge facing us. Acronym for Change, with accompanying glossary, manifests a deep appreciation for scientists, scholars, and researchers who continue doing this important work. The art encourages a deeper appreciation of the grandeur and beauty of what God created on the second day –The sky and waters and filament where when that day was finished, God saw all that he had made, It was good.

Acronym For Change Glossary

When installed, the glossary is next to the artwork.

Member of WCA Georgia Chapter

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Flora Rosefsky
"Acronym for Change"
mixed materials wall hanging
When installed, the glossary is next to the artwork.
70" x 24"

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