Eyal Schechter - Summer Mood


Taking the idea of global warming into the context of art engaged me to think about the two key character sets and also the dream world. In, “The Professional”, there is the business man who while It seems he is the aggressor, my aim was to show the denial in his face and his sadness that encompasses him. Then,  in “Family Tree” my aims was to show the connectivity of family in a bed of sunflowers. As a child, my parents would swing me in the air and in a sense connecting our family tree. Lastly “Summer Mood” is a dream world. A simple set of shapes to engage simple emotions. Global warming more than anything will destroy simple beauty. “Summer Mood” is a calm image of simple beauty. 

Member of WCA Georgia Chapter

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Eyal Schechter
"Summer Mood"
Acrylic on Canvas

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