Sarah Landrum - Disguise for Cranes


After nearly a century of protection, the hunting of sandhill cranes has been legalized in Alabama. It is also legal in Kentucky and Tennessee; will Georgia be next?  Along with making more practical efforts against crane slaughter, I fantasize about designing protective "disguises" for the sandhills to wear on their long yearly migrations. The boots in this image would cover their distinctive arrow-shaped footprint so that the hunter could not find them. The painting is an homage to these magnificent birds who represent vigilance, hope, and memory across many cultures. It is part of a on-going series honoring all birds, as both harbingers and victims of climate change.

Member of WCA Georgia Chapter

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Sarah Landrum
"Disguise for Cranes"
Oil paint, oil stick, graphite pencil, recycled canvas over repurposed panel
30" x 36"

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