Carolyn Hollingsworth - Fallen Were the Mighty


Evidence of the achievements of human cultures over numerous millenia create a sense of awe in all of us. Even in ruinous states they echo with connections to our own pasts. They speak of accomplishment as well as folly. From the perspective of today, the surrender of even the strongest, physical and cultural constructs of times past is evident but, when they held sway in their various corners of Earth, they must have seemed permanent. They could be relied upon. Then they could not. They were gone. Huge changes were wrought. The mighty fell. The people suffered. Even so, remnants remained and recovered.
We are in the midst of huge changes again. This time there is a critical difference. Over countless millenia, no matter what changes humanity wrought, Nature persevered. Profound injuries have been sustained but the earth, the sky, the water have remained. Life has remained. Many paradises were lost but there were others to be cherished and nurtured. The life of the Earth was permanent. Now it is not. The destructive forces at work now are of a magnitude unseen before. We must protect our only home, this blue and green Eden, now. Later is too late.

Member of WCA Georgia Chapter

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Carolyn Hollingsworth

"Fallen Were the Mighty"
Photograph. Archival pigment ink on archival paper. Archival matting.
Printed image size is 9" x 9" on 13" x 13" paper
Framed size 15"x15

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