Rose M Barron - Lady Of The Lake


My studio practice is an exploration of the female identity and how that identity fits into — yet also disrupts — larger social constructs. My work further uncovers how these social constructs depict our connection to Earth, fostering a deeper sense of self identity. I examine identities and relationships of the here and now as well as the places where my ancestors resided.
Much of my work contains the theme of water. There’s a lot to be learned from watching water, as it is forever changing yet forever the same. Water has many qualities and multiplicities, is the mother of all being; it cleanses, refreshes, and gives life. It has the capability to embrace memory and provide dream like experiences.
While exploring dreams, fears, emotion, ritual, and memory; I intend are to pull into this imagery the rich history of Atlanta neighborhoods and how the waters were such an important element. Through this imagery I hope to increase awareness that our natural resources are depleting and the importance of these resources to our past, present and future survival.
Member of WCA Georgia Chapter

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Rose M Barron
"Lady Of The Lake"
Dye Sublimation Print on Poplin
48" x 72"
with Custom Finishing (hemmed and grommets 4 sides)

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