The Ragdoll Project

Our Ragdoll project is scheduled for May and June 2013 at 2 Rules Fine Art in Marietta. We will be open to any and all art forms and presentations. Sex trafficking happens to be most active in our suburbs, not downtown Atlanta as most would suppose. Let's make a lot of noise. Atlanta happens to be the hub of sex trafficking for the United States of America. We don't need that honor. Many organizations and law enforcement agencies are banding together to fight what is one of the greatest crimes against humanity. Much of it is slavery and slavery of children. If it makes your blood boil as it does mine, please turn it into a masterpiece that you will share. I promise to make videos of our work and hope to help it go viral. We are women -- we are strong. Did anyone see Pres. Obama's presentation to the United Nations on human trafficking? It's online and powerful.

Loretta Paraguassu is organizing this exhibition. If you have ideas you want to share with her, please contact her.  

A Ragdoll Pattern is available Miss Gioia

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