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Application for a Women’s Caucus for Art of GA Juried Exhibit

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Perspectives: A Group Exhibit

Where: Cornerstone Bank Art Gallery

125 Clairemont Ave, Decatur GA 30030

When: Saturday, January 26 to Sunday, March 17, 2019

Perspectives: A Group Exhibit

Often it is through the personal nature of our process and concepts that viewers come to know work as ours. Those images can be delicate, bold, gentle, aggressive, simple, complicated, intuitive, logical, obtuse or explicit, 2D or 3D. The message and concept becomes enhanced and individualized by how we decide to create that image, using chosen material and media to strengthen our story, our message, our image.

The Women’s Caucus for Art of Georgia is delighted to be invited to show our work at Cornerstone Bank Art Gallery.


Bringing together a cohesive, engaging exhibit is an art unto itself. We are pleased to announce Shawn Vinson, Gallery Director will be curating our WCAGA exhibit. Mr. Vinson will have final say on all work exhibited.

Vinson was a founder of the Decatur ArtWalk and ran The Vinson Gallery in Decaturfrom 1998-2008. He is a Board member of The Decatur Arts Alliance and is the gallerydirector of Different Trains Gallery I on E.Howard Ave. in Decatur and Different TrainsGallery II at the Cornerstone Bank Art Gallery in Decatur.


January 7, 2019 - Deadline - Noon Eastern standard time for images submissions

January 14 - Notification of images chosen

January 17 - Delivery of Work to Cornerstone Bank Art Gallery - 10 to 4pm

January 21 - Installation by Shawn Vinson

January 24 - Opening Reception - 6 to 8pm

March 21 - Closing Reception - 6 -8pm (Artists may take work home 8 - 8:30pm)

March 22 - Artists pickup work at Cornerstone Bank Art Gallery - 10 - 3pm

General Information

This exhibit is free of charge and open to all WCAGA members in good standing.

The Cornerstone Bank Art Gallery is open to the general public and so work that might be highly provocative or political is not suitable in this venue.

Work accepted must remain on view for the entire exhibition.

Commissions: For work sold, 50% commission to the Gallery and WCAGA.

NOTE: Some images or parts of images may be used for the invitation. If you

Do Not wish us to use your image, please indicate this in your submission.

Entry & Fee

There will be NO Entry Fee. Each artist may submit up to 5 images. Mr. Vinson will choose work from the submitted images.

Images Submission

Applicant may submit 3 image submissions. Sculpture may include multiple views. No more than 5 images by email may be sent to . Images should be 300dpi. and no larger than 1500 x 1500 pixels. Only the artwork should be visible, no background, frames etc. Images should be as close as possible to true image. Label each image file as follows: number.artistname.jpg, for example, 1.brehg.jpg. The number should correspond to the application detailing the information about the image.

Limitations (Please read carefully)

All two dimensional work must be properly equipped for hanging, using screw eyes and wire, slant board hangers or D-rings are okay on larger works. Works on paper should be framed, PLEXIGLASS is preferred. Maximum size (including frames) may not exceed 36 inches wide or 48 inches high. Hanging bars should be provided for wall hangings. If unusual hanging method is required, it must be approved by the Gallery Director. Sculpture may not exceed 50 lb.


Submitting an entry form constitutes an agreement on the part of the artist with all the conditions in the prospectus.


Insurance by Cornerstone Art Gallery begins when the work is delivered to the gallery. If damage ensues during transport that is the artist’s responsibility.

Delivery & Return of Work

The artist is responsible for making arrangements for delivery to and pickup from the gallery. Do not ship your work to the bank but to a WCAGA members you have coordinated with If your work will be shipped from out of town please make arrangement with a WCAGA member to receive the work.

Returns via shipping must provide proper packaging and postage or make necessary arrangements with another WCAGA member to pick up work.

When you send your application in, please include all information requested. This way we’ll have all the information necessary to make decisions, labels and lists. Please be advised labels are being made from this information.

If the work is NFS, please list on the price line the insured value.

WCAGA Cornerstone Bank Art Gallery Exhibition Liaison - For questions please email Flora Rosefsky

See and fill out entry form on the following pages. Looking forward to a wonderful WCAGA exhibition in Decatur to start the new year in 2019

WCAGA Cornerstone Bank Art Gallery Show Committee

Flora Rosefsky - Liaison

Vickie Martin Conison

Jodi Doughty

Barb Rehg

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