Lisa Schnellinger - Entering the Glacier


We can be opaque or transparent. We can despair or take action. We can enter into our planet with full consciousness, or we can move, rip and devour its surface. Rigid perceptions close off possibility, but personal shifts can reopen the world. My glass sculptures offer spaces from which to contemplate new perspectives on our lives in relation to each other and the environment.
Technical note:​ Kilnforming with salvaged glass has far less environmental impact than blown glass, and is more accessible to both makers and viewers.

Entering the Glacier

Melting glaciers are one of the most visible signs of climate change. The diminished layers of these vast ice forms show us the enormous power of individual human action. Rather than despairing, we can seize this power to halt the rising tide.

Member of WCA Georgia Chapter

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Lisa Schnellinger
"Entering the Glacier"
Cast salvaged glass
12” by 6” by 2”

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