Helen DeRamus - Safe Haven


My work is concentrated on memory and the landscape. I carry a long history of awareness that our beloved landscape is changing due to global warming and the disregard of the need to be attentive to the smallest changes as well as those so gross that they cannot be ignored. We, as inhabitants of this planet, have a responsibility to see that Global Warming is arrested before it is too late. My interests range from the tiniest leaf or organism to the large uncomplicated underland, that is so well described in Robert Macfarlane’s book “Underland” just published last year. The changes he notes speak of the past and into the future as we watch the human destructiveness upon the earth. My paintings often speak to the coming cold as well as the devastating heat we are likely to endure wrapped in my optimism that we will act.

Member of WCA Georgia Chapter

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Helen DeRamus
"Safe Haven"
Encaustic, mixed mediums
30" x 30"

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