Don Dougan - Dilemma


Humanity has gotten itself into trouble — some of our worst characteristics (arrogance, greed, wastefulness) have made our mother Gaea into an increasingly toxic garbage dump. She will survive, but Homo sapiens and many other species may not. It won’t be the first major extinction event in Gaea’s life, but it is depressing to think about even so. I had a difficult time coming up with creating a statement about Global Warming until I realized I needed to find a way to say that in cosmic terms the joke is on us — humanity — and humor was the approach I should use. I asked myself how I could share the joke and realized I couldn’t do any better than to emulate (in my own sculptural way) Chuck Jones, animator for Warner Brothers for over sixty years.

An homage — and a rueful Amen.

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Don Dougan

"Dilemma(Chuck Jones 21st Century)"
Indiana limestone, wood, sandblasted glass, sandpaper,

formed acrylic, slate, polymer clay, pigment
7.25" x 20 x 16.5"

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