Anita Darden - Hot New Millennial Landscape


Like many people who have been concerned about the environment for decades, I never thought that things would degrade so fast. Or that anyone would conspire to hide the facts of the imminent threat to our civilization!  After all, we discovered that the ozone needed help, and we began to heal it. Isn’t that who we are? 
I might have known that the scientific thought leaders I had been following were scientists who spoke in conservative measure. But I continue to read that even they, even the scientists, are surprised at how rapidly & robustly their dire predictions are coming true. 
So I find myself standing at the threshold of possible planetary extinction, the end of our beloved civilization, and I am horrified that this is the world I am leaving for my grandsons. What can I do? 
I decided to protest, pray, learn more and paint. God help us all.

Member of WCA Georgia Chapter

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Anita Darden
"Hot New Millennial Landscape"
Mixed media on canvas with acrylic paint
11" x 14"

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