What is the symbiotic relationship between art and science? SymbASA!

As a visual artist married to a scientist, I have the opportunity to see how the two merge and create a new entity. In recent years, Nancy Lowe, also a visual artist and one who is fascinated by science, has been exploring the "symbiotic" relationship of the two areas. Her explorations have culminated in the creation of SymbASA, with ASA standing for ART SCIENCE ALLIANCE.

In the last weekend of July, my husband, Tony Martin, and I had the pleasure of attending and presenting at the first SymbASA meeting which was held at Warren Wilson College. Over the course of the weekend, many illuminating discussions about the science-art connection took place.

If you are interested in reading more about the SymbASA weekend, read my blog entry about it! And please tell me what you think about how science can inform art or art informs science! Or, better yet, how do we get an entirely new form when the arts and sciences merge?

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